CAL. .22

.22 Shorth Rifle MKII.

Close-up of the action, note the cocking piece has been replaced by a late production SMLE type.

Top of the .22 Shorth MKII action.

Top of the .22 Shorth MKII firing pin and extractor.

Top view of the .22 Shorth MKII magazine, follower has
been removed so empty shells can be collected after extraction.

New markings added to action to identify it as a .22 Shorth Rifle MKII .

Original Long Lee markings are still present.

Close-up of the rear swivel.

Rear sight has been replaced by a later SMLE type.

Top view of the rear sight.

The now useless "Volley Fire Sights" of the Long Lee, have not been removed.

Close-up of nosecap and stacking swivel.

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